Thursday, February 21, 2008

Today's Outfit

Today (for the second half of the day because I looked like a bum for my morning classes) I wore a tan skirt with a forest green sweater.

The skirt is slightly flared at the bottom and has that school teacher look so I have to be careful what I pair it with (no offense to the school teachers, you look good but you're a teacher and I'm not). The sweater is supposed to be off-the-shoulder but what's the point of a sweater to keep you warm when you wear it off-the-shoulder. Maybe come spring. I'm also wearing chandelier earrings.

If you're really bored, try taking a picture of chandelier earrings in your ears without making them move. I'll see you in half an hour :P Ideally, this outfit would go with awesome brown boots, but I don't have any, sorry.

Also, UNDER this outfit (because it's cold and I know from experience that some of us don't know how to dress in skirts in the cold) I am wearing a long sleeved t-shirt (you can see the pink at the neckline), a pair of opaque tights and knee high socks. It was below freezing today and snowing hard as I walked to and from class and the only part of me that was cold was my nose. Of course, at the time I was wear a scarf, gloves and coat, but I can't say as much for other people. Ladies, invest in some long underwear, no really, you'll thank me.

The sweater is from Goodys.
The skirt is from JC Penneys.

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