Monday, February 4, 2008

Midterm Week

It's midterm week again and I have had/have/will have several exams (total of five in two weeks). It's funny. I should be stressing out. But right now I'm not, I'm just skimming notes and having many 'oh, yeah....' moments about homework and other important school duties I forgot.

I'm mostly just annoyed that exams take up extra time in addition to the regular school work so I'm cramming my housework and cooking into less time. I don't worry about whether I'll do well on the exam ('cause I know I'll at least pass them all and probably get no lower than a B on any of them), I'm just annoyed at the inconvenience of them. This is a strange switch from the last three years of school where exams have been mass panic. It's kind of nice.

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