Monday, February 8, 2010


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When Seasons Change


I took this shot last Thursday as proof that Spring had not forgotten us.


I took this one last Friday. It seems the gumballs will be wearing their Waldorf hats a little while longer.


No, not mine.

Friends of mine are expecting a little one in late May. In honor of the new addition to their family and the human playpen that occurs on Sunday nights, I am making a blanket and a couple of hats. Why a couple, you ask? Well, they're not finding out the gender, which makes it a little more complicated for those giving gifts. Hope they don't mind lots of green and yellow.

I chose a darker green for the blanket. Daddy-to-be hunts so I thought it was appropriate. See that skein of neon orange? That's for the hats. Why neon orange? Well... daddy hunts. :)


I have a couple of friends getting married this coming spring. Shocking, right? Although, to be honest, I seem to be at the tipping age where more of my friends are married than single. We joked last weekend that the next friend to get married would be Darren. Darren is fourteen months old.

But no matter who is getting married. I need a dress. I was originally planning two dresses, but I somehow ended up as a bridesmaid for one of the weddings and will be provided with a super awesome swing type dress. I love it when dancers get married, everyone should be this cool.

But that leaves me with one dress. I thought about buying one but there is not a dress on this planet that is my style and my price range. So I had to make one. I found Simplicity 2588, which I am hoping is versatile enough that I can make some casual dresses, too, and tromped off to JoAnn Fabrics. My mom technically picked out the fabric and it is awesome. I've fully lined the dress and nearly successfully put in a completely invisible invisible-zipper. All that's left to do now is the hemming!