Friday, December 5, 2008

Dream Log

Okay, general outline of last nights dream (no weight).

  • My husband, sister and I were adopted by the Cullens (the vampire 'parents' in Twilight).
  • My sister and I found a magical cupboard that would duplicate any non-living thing you put in it over night. We used it to get more craft materials (mostly yarn).
  • My sister adopted a two foot long baby alligator that tried to eat her arm. She wouldn't give it up, though.
  • The Cullens adopted more kids until we totalled something like twenty all together.
  • Divisions began to develop in the family, my husband and I decided it was time for people to split up and move into different houses. In our thinking, it was better to live separately but still be on good terms with everyone than try continuing to live together and have hate spring up between us.
  • We proposed two additional houses to our siblings (for three total, including the original house) and our siblings seemed generally agreeable.
  • When we brought it up with Mr. and Mrs. Cullen no one would decide who went where. I remember someone saying that there was no way my husband and I would leave the original house. I was kind of surprised, considering this had been our idea in the first place.
  • We announced that we were leaving, much to the shock of the eighteen other people, and, in the end, two or three people ended up coming with us.
  • We said goodbye to our 'parents' and left.
The End

Oh, also, somewhere in all that I ended up in a car wreck because someone switched the gas and brake pedal in my car. Instead of slowing down when I came upon the traffic jam I just plowed right threw. It killed one woman and wounded two disabled children. I then had a conversation with my actual mother about whether or not she had been awake when the wreck happened and had just appeared in the dream when she fell asleep. She seemed to think I'd actually killed the woman and should be expecting to receive a traffic ticket.



paul said...

I will rent it when it comes out because it is so much a part of our culture right now... but 44% is about the enthusiam I have about that as well. :)

Jenlyn said...

If you really want to know what took the culture by storm, you're going to have to read the books. :D The movie isn't anything close.

FYI, just get someone to explain book four. I shudder to think of the poor trees that were murdered for its production. In fact, ask Dustin, it was his favorite, he's more likely to give it to you straight (and with out all the sarcasm).