Saturday, March 8, 2008


Yup, it's snowing again. It's pretty, it really is. I wanted sun :( Oh, well.

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, it's getting close to finals week and school work has been piling up (oh, the gift of being a procrastinator). I can hardly believe I'll be officially done with school in, count 'em, two weeks! Sigh, 15 2/3 years and it's almost over. Yay! I'm getting my life back.

My story has strayed across my mind a few times in the last week which is a good sign. It means I'm disconnecting from school mode and re-opening my other mode (it doesn't have a name yet but it's the mode of stories, drawing, personal reading, sewing, etc. You know, fun stuff). I try really hard to keep my other mode shut down when I'm at work or school because I have this small problem of letting it take over and not getting any work done which leads to mass panic in the end. Not good. My brain is like a really old computer, there's only so much RAM.


Rabbit-tracking Husband said...

Hm, I thought you upgraded the RAM with HUSBAND 1.0, didn't you? =)

I pray you are able to open that channel back up; but I also pray that you learn how to balance several open channels at once; I think it's much less stressful.

Jenlyn said...

True, HUSBAND 1.0 does help :P Especially rabbit-tracking ones.