Sunday, March 30, 2008

New Blog of Note

You may have noticed the short list of blogs in the right hand column of this blog. I am pleased to announce that I have found another.

The Hand Made Dress is a blog written by a mother of three and avid sewer (as in she sews, not she's underground). She posts about family and sewing and is soon opening up an online store for sewing stuffs, not to mention all her nifty sewing and crocheting tips. I find her refreshing after all the mainstream commercial clothing producers. So check her out!

P.S. Her kids are so cute :)


paul said...

You blog list makes me feel like I need to learn to sew. But the only experience I have with sewing is my Home Ec class in junior high where I made a shirt.

It didn't go so well.

I suspect one of the beasts of Revelation would have done well with it.

Rabbit-tracking Husband said...

Yeah, I learned in Middle school; never got a bloody finger, but the fact that I didn't proves (to me) that God's grace IS present in non-christians.

Jenlyn said...

Haha, I remember middle school home ec :) I think my class made a sewing pouch. Lots of fun. You don't have to learn to sew, but, I think, you should appreciate the people who do. That's all. I've just picked up sewing and it's been an eye opening experience. You can draw something on paper but to actually turn it into a really garment it something else. The Hand Made Dress is published by a woman who designs all her patterns from scratch, I can't even imagine.

Besides, someone had to make all those white robes :P