Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!

The Christmas season is nearly over and a new year has begun. Wow. What a year... and what an end.

I spent a week or so at my in-laws as nursemaid. Gram had her shoulder replaced right after getting cataracts taken out of her eye so not only did her arm hurt so much to induce cussing (something she doesn't normally do), she couldn't bend over either (something about blood pooling in the recently cut eye and making it explode). So I got to be her arms, her legs, and her alarm clock (Gram, have you taken your eye drops? No? Gram, have you done your exercises? Yes? Gram, you really can't wait to take the pain meds. I know don't like them but do you remember that crushing pain two hours ago? Yes? You think trying to wait 2.5 hours instead of 2 won't give you the exact same result it did last time? Well, tough, take it anyway.) Really, that woman is impossible to take care of. She's very stubborn and likes to think she's Wonder Woman.

However, that didn't last long because not three days after I came to take care of Gram, Gram went to the hospital to take care of her aunt who has various heart problems and tends to freak out when left at hospitals alone. I was not permitted to come. So I stayed at 'home' and helped my mother-in-law wrap about a million packages for various needy families. I now understand why my husband tries to cram way more tasks than humanly possible into a time frame. He gets it honestly. I also got my hair cut and this past Saturday, I cut Dustin's.

After some confusion about Christmas times we had Christmas day with my family. I had a good time. It was nice to be home. My sister absoultely loved her present. I got her a huge stuffed bunny from

I love her gift to me. It's large (1500 pieces, I think) fairy puzzle. She said it took her two weeks and she hated it because all the pices look exactly the same. I believe her.

To top the whole trip off, my brother and his girlfriend are now engaged! I'm excited :D Even if they're not getting married until 2011. :P

But now we're home. Very glad we're home.

Note: Those are my feet to the left of the poster.

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