Thursday, August 14, 2008


I pulled these pillows out of the trash today.

I am amazed at what gets thrown into the giant dumpsters at our apartment complex. It's one thing to want stuff out of your house, but to throw perfectly good pillows (and our 'new' slightly beat-up sofa among other decent furniture/housewares that we didn't have room/use for so they stayed in the trash) in the trash? Especially when the Goodwill drop off is, um, across the street. No, really, walk to the front of the complex, you can see it. Not to mention all the various consignment shops and donation bins around town. If there's one thing the city does right, it's making donations convenient.

But then again, I shouldn't complain. We now have a full sized sofa and eight very nice pillows. :)

Here's the sofa:

Oh, and this very cool shadow box:

I'm thinking of joining DDA: Dumpster Divers Anonymous. It could be very profitable. Besides, it's fun to see the looks on peoples faces when they see you. There was some guy taking his trash out when I hauled myself up into the dumpster to reach the last pillow. He lives in the same building as us so he followed me in the door. He said thanks when I opened the door for him, pillows in hand, and had this big grin on his face like he couldn't believe what I had just done.


John said...

thats just hilarious Jen
and the new pillows look great

John said...

and just out of curiosity, whats the book on the couch?

Jenlyn said...

I knew you'd ask that :P It's Dragon Quest by Anne McCaffrey. It's in the Dragons of Pern series. You don't need to read it. I donated it as soon as I had finished. The plot is decent enough but there's no rise an fall, it's feels flat. There are a few moments when you think maybe, just maybe, something really interesting is going to happen. But it never does. Btw, we have the Elvenblood series by Mercedies for you.

John said...

btw ive actually read some of the dragons of pern umm franchise
its all by the same person i think but different time periods and plots
and thank you!
id love to read it