Wednesday, September 17, 2008


One week. That was the estimate for how long we would be without electricity. We even know a guy who knows the president of AEP, so he called him up just to make sure. Yup, one week. Surely humans, the great predator of the world, complex thinking skills, huge networks of people, can survive one week without electricity. I swear, the newspaper has skill for finding the whiniest people. When not being able to check facebook makes the news, you know they're pulling at straws. The fact that so few people DIED isn't touted as a miracle (and I only know that few people died because the news hasn't mentioned hide nor hair of them as far as I can find) shows what a sorry state we're in.

Where I live, people can still get food, people still have clean water, most people didn't even get out of work for a day. Sure, our homes are/were without power depending on what part of town you're in, but it's not like that killed us. To the small business owners, I'm sorry, this really sucks, to the big business owners, you should have been ready. To the people who are complaining about AEP, shut up. Did you not see the wind? What, exactly were they supposed to do in preparation? They're in Texas, for crying out loud, you know, where the REAL storm hit. 95% of the AEP truck fleet is in the south, fixing the electricity where people might actually die. Where the entire electrical infrastructure has been decimated. We can wait. We'll live. This is called, are you ready, an emergency. That means you don't get what you want right away. That means you should look at your self and realize how the opposite of independent you really are. The fact that most signals are functional and that neighborhoods continue to flicker on night and day should tell you that they are doing EVERYTHING they can. They are working around the clock. Show a little appreciation to the people who are providing Facebook for you and then go talk to your neighbors. In case you don't know that word, it generally refers to the people who live in your vicinity. That house next to yours has people in it? Yeah, that one.

And then, after you realize that you only think about your electricity when it's gone, realize what a great job your electric company does for you on a day to day basis. A thank-you card might be in order.


paul said...

Wow. I like this side of you. You need to rant more. :)

Course, you can't because you don't have power.

We have power and you don't!"

I can't believe how immature some people are.


John said...

you just ripped them a good one
i agree with Paul though.
ah haaa. we only lost internet for 3 days